NYC Basketball Tour

New York City has a rich and storied history in basketball. From its early adoption of the sport to the rise of iconic teams and players, basketball has become deeply ingrained in the city's sports culture. The city's passion for the game is evident in its streetball culture, professional and collegiate teams, and the numerous basketball initiatives that continue to thrive in every corner of the city. Come join the NYC Basketball Tour where we will learn about the history of basketball in the city and see some of the major sights that shaped NYC to be the mecca of basketball. We'll even have a basketball incase you want to shoot hoops at these legendary places! (Subject to court availability)

Along the way, we will explore:

The tour is will approximately take 3 hours to complete. Please note that this tour will take public transportation to get to each stop and guests will be required to pay the subway fare (3 trips - $8.70). Public tours are $150/per person.